Magento Amazon<br />and eBay Integration
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Magento Amazon and eBay Integration

Magento Amazon and eBay integration modules decrease data entry efforts and increase profits in no time!
Magento Amazon<br />and eBay Integration

Magento integration modules for Amazon and eBay developed by Holbi significantly optimise the work of eCommerce webstore owners who sell their products with the help of these top popular eCommerce solutions.

Magento Amazon is an excellent solution providing full synchronisation between Amazon Marketplace account and an eCommerce Magento-based website. Orders placed by Amazon customers are now easily downloaded into Magento backend. Whenever an order status changes on Magento website, it is immediately reflected on Amazon Marketplace account. The rest of the features of Magento Amazon integration are available here.

Magento eBay is a perfect choice for the online store owners who would like to improve their business time management through full synchronisation of their Magento-based store and eBay Marketplace account. Not only orders and order statuses are automatically changed both ways, but stock levels and shipping confirmations are now uploaded through a transparent interface. The rest of the features of Magento eBay integration are described here.